Sunday, April 4, 2010

the easter bunny has risen!

How many people think the easter bunny is real? Not many is my guess. I wonder how the whole easter bunny thing came around anyway? Christians wanted another reason to feed their kids candy? Easter egg hunt? Come on! My point is, stories and custom's get passed down from generation to generation and as they do, the stories themselves loose focus, the loose reality, the loose the story altogether. It's like playing that game where a bunch of drunk people sit around a table and someone starts the game by whispering a sentence into a persons ear...they in turn whisper that same sentence into the next persons ear and so on. By the time it gets back around to the original sentence maker, the whole thing is distorted and incorrect. Here in-lies the problem I have with organized religion. They all believe a distorted story that is filled with so many hard to believe (and impossible to prove) assumptions that the whole thing is laughable at best. On the third day God created the oceans and the land...and then he was pleased, and blah, blah, blah. Easter, the day that celebrates the rising of a man that was beat have to death, then hung by his wrists and feet on a cross, then laid to rest in a tomb with huge rocks enveloping the entry way...and magically he lives (the rise again part)...but then vanishes. I mean, what's the point of rising again if yer not gonna stick around and heal some peeps? It couldn't possibly have been some grave robbers that wanted to dispose of the body via a pagan burning? Religion is the curse of life. Religion is nothing more that a well organized mind fuck to either make war, money, or to make it easier to sleep at night knowing that all living things DIE.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I'm pro-wolf and I hunt. There, I said wait, I've been saying it for a while now and it feels great. My Mom and Dad raised me with integrity and taught me as a young child to respect all natural things as they all have a place in this world. The wolf is no different. I'm tired of all this hatred and miss-information being spread about wolves in Idaho. The real problem with anti-wolf advocates...they are all afraid of being a real man. They fear the unknown. They fear old wives tales. They fear themselves. The reality of the situation is that Idaho is mostly dominated by under educated hunters. Why haven't I heard any hunters blaming ATV's for a decline in elk numbers. Certainly it would be hard to argue that the increased use of ATV's has added to the decline in elk population in Idaho. Maybe it's not enough to use scents, high tech camouflage, high powers scopes, advanced calling techniques, and high powered rifles; maybe the game we seek should just kill themselves and toss their own bodies over our ATV's for us. Then we could really live up the name of being a rugged outdoorsman, an Idahoan, a person proud to live in the wildest State in the lower 48. I challenge any Anti-wolf hunter to leave their ATV behind, and learn to respect this great State and her unique ecosystem. Then you can truely call yourself an outdoorsman, a hunter, a man.